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Hotel Mirabeau is a beautiful place nestled between houses in the picturesque Swiss village of Verbier. His kind hosts are hospitable and hearty people who care nothing missing the guests. Their regular clients enjoy year after year the cozy spirit of the place preserved from their childhood.
For them, we created a new website with professional video and photography. You will agree that the staff in this two-minute video cleverly recreate the emotions which Hotel Mirabeau creates and offers its visitors. Hotel Mirabeau’s owners are satisfied with our work and we continue to work together with them to develop common projects. Enjoy a skilled combination of moving interior and exterior shots, aerial shots revealing the beauty of the area, and those that show the friendly atmosphere in the lobby of the Hotel Mirabeau.

Balneo treatment in Bulgaria undoubtedly has a center known for centuries – Velingrad. Medical SPA Hotel Sveti Spas is located right there and offers visitors a wonderful combination of traditional and modern spa treatments, mineral water in every room, excellent cuisine and many other services in a relaxing atmosphere. Our team filmed the experiences of a small group of friends during their stay at the hotel. And definitely it’s worth to tickle yourself for a while there. It is important when you doing such kind of business to show in a spectacular way the offered opportunities. What clearer message than the tight, comprehensive and elegantly finished video, combining different techniques of shooting subordinate pleasant and unobtrusive storyline.

Praskaloto – natural beauty that can reproduce only with a specially made video. Our team does not hide his pleasure at every occasion to capture aerial footage via a professional drone. Much more impactful, more memorable, more spectacular – they give different and unusual perspective, indicate an overall object shooting situation in which it is located and its individual look. Filming of professional aerial footage related to your project reveals your business in a different, more spectacular perspective.

Vladislav Terziiski - Professional Photography

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