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Uzana fest 2014

Uzana fest 2014


Could you allow me to share one GOOD news with you?  More and more people REALIZE that our way of unsustainable industrial evolution  harm to the environment and people’s health. That’s great because to realize that some issue EXIST is the beginning of solving the problem. =)

Uzana Fest was held for the first time in 2011 this weekend for the fourth consecutive year we raised producers of organic and natural products, entrepreneurs and innovators in the sphere of ecological lifestyle, activists and volunteers, who take care and make efforts to protect the environment.

And most importantly – I met many people who believe that global change depends on the individual efforts of each, not discouraged and justified by the “carelessness of mass.” I met like-minded people which ideas for sustainable lifestyle came true, because of their faith, efforts and others support. And I think that the most valuable are the efforts in the field of eco-education, education of ecologically conscious and creating sustainable habits in more people’s behavior


Next week I’ll share what kind of people I met and what I learned from the event! =)

Узан фест 2014 екология и еко култура