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Creative On Web has a second Birthday today

Dear friends,   Today Creative On Web becomes 2 years old! Yeah! :-) Time really fires especially when you do your work with love, attention and pleasure. Thank you for working together. And you can continue rely on our professional assistance, competent guidance, creative ideas and individually...

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Successful in business communication

Simon Sinek briefly presents the secret of successful leaders, team leaders and marketers. This is a clear concept of communication that motivates, inspires, causes creative feedback and implementation of successful business relationships....

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Uzana fest 2014

[vc_row][vc_column width='2/3'] Hello, Could you allow me to share one GOOD news with you?  More and more people REALIZE that our way of unsustainable industrial evolution  harm to the environment and people's health. That's great because to realize that some issue EXIST is the beginning of solving...

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